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You have GOT to be SHITTING ME.

So I didn't check the schedule, ok whatever.  I just got a MEMO THOUGH.  It said 'hey guess what Sui, yer gonna be bottoming in the shoot tomorrow' except more officially and stuff. 



I did not sign up for that. 

I don't give a damn who I'm shooting with, there is NO WAY.  NO WAY. 

Orochi's got somethin' to do with this I fucking know it.  I KNOW IT. 


Stop bitching about it. You know like it, anyway. Ha.
Sorry, Nancy, I ain't you.
I realize that, and that's why you're an asshole. An asshole that's about to get fucked, that is.
bite me.
That's what I thought. Hmph.
fuck youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Such disrespect! After all I've done for you...
bite me ♥
You know who you're filming with, don't you?
No? What's it matter, I don't wanna bottom and EVERY TIME I DO SOMETHING WITH YOU I DO. How fucked up is that?
What's the issue? It's the job, after all.

And I know you're not complaining about being the one impaled, as it were.
Yeah but it's always that I end up being a bottom when psycho snake dude shoots somethin'. It freaks me the fuck out, and I don't like it.

Does he put you in the weird ones where you have to call your co-star daddy or shit like that?

And what do you mean, 'huh'?
Sometimes. ugh, he gives me frickin' CHILLS.

I mean huh. Whadda ya mean I mean.
I haven't even met him yet. Hmm. You had similarly disparaging things to say about Sakura and she turned out alright. How bad could he be?

And you mean the impaling thing? I meant, you don't have a problem being the bottom. That's all. So I was wondering why you were upset enough to resort to this thing.
I was messin' around, I hadn't really met Pinkie until later, anyway. Oro is NO JOKE FUCKED UP. Scares the living shit out of me. He jerks to little boys and won't DENY IT.

'cause this is ON CAMERA. I hate bein a frickin' bottom on CAMERA. Hate it usually too so shhh. Don't say that where blondie and dog breath can see it.
Usually hate it? Considering-

... If you hate it, then don't do it. You top next time.

Oh, that's priceless.
Bite me, fucktard.
Who's it with?
No idea, didn't check.
Might wanna check. What if it's like ... emo kid? Hahahahahaha.

Oh man, I kind of hope it is. For my own amusement.
If it is, I'll break your face. :\