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So I heard somethin', and I was wondering if it's true.

Is he really here?

[ooc: Still on haitus....just...yeah.  I said Semi after all XD]
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Um...what are you talking about? What he? I haven't heard anything. Is there something that I should know?
Who do you think? What he could possibly involve us two?

So it's just a load of crap then? Damn.
You mean... Ha, no, that can't be true. You almost had me worried for a minute.

Pfft. Him here. He's probably in jail somewhere. Not like I've heard from him.

[Private to Haku]

Ya sure? I swear I saw his name on the schedule.

Yeah, probably.

YOU haven't heard from him? Jeese, maybe he IS in the slammer.

Re: [Private to Suigetsu]

I haven't looked, but the chances are slim. I mean, I would probably have a lot of explaining to do I just doubt it, you know?

He probably is. I wouldn't be surprised.

Re: [Private to Haku]

I'd love ta see that conversation *snicker* Yeah, probably was just imaginin' it or somethin'.

Because he's just that cool.

Re: [Private to Haku]

Very funny Yeah, you probably were. I know how obsessed and all you can get. *smirk*

*snort* There's nothing cool about jail.

Re: [Private to Haku]

It is. Sorry, babe, I ain't you ♥

Sure there is. It means yer badass. or a creep, but he ain't a creep.
...I thought my ears were buzzing. And what greets me when I decide I could socialize around here maybe a little bit between the night shifts? My two favorite little fish. It's been a while.

And so much faith in me, Haku. You know better than anyone that I don't get caught.

You kids are losing your ability of speech, have you noticed that?

Hello, Suigetsu. Do you still remember how to form a full sentence, or what.

[Private to Zabuza]

Hey, it's not my fault I ain't seen ya for years!

When I found out Haku was here, I thought you'd be too, since he kisses yer ass so much, but ya weren't. Disappointing, yanno?

Re: [Private to Zabuza]

...Yeah. I had to lay low for a little while, and Haku... I wasn't gonna get him into that mess.

But that's old news. Aren't you kids a little... Young to be here? I practically changed your diapers, for shit's sake.

Re: [Private to Zabuza]

What the hell happened?

I was 11. I'm 20 now, yanno. Time's passed.

[Private to Suigetsu]


I didn't think it'd been that long.

Re: [Private to Suigetsu]

Uh, yeah.

Where were you? Where do they not have calendars??



Z-Zabuza? When... What...


Now why do you seem so surprised to see me, Haku? Did you really think I'd gotten myself into somethng I couldn't get back out of?
No! It's not that. It's just... Um. I haven't heard from you in awhile and... Why are you here?!Nothing.

How are you?
...[snerk] ...And You're acting like I'm back from the dead.

...I'll make it up to you. Drinks on me. You're legal by now, aren't you?
...I'm twenty-one, Zabuza. Thanks for keeping up with my birthday all these years.
Another he? Why're you always so secretively freaking out about new guys?

So who's this guy you're creaming your pants over?
None of yer business. Not my fault these people keep poppin' back into my life.

I'm not. Fuck off.
The hell, man. Why come I spill my guts to you about shit going on in my life, but you get to keep all these secrets? That's not very fair, yanno.

one, cause I ain't drunk, two, I'm not keepin' secrets, it's just ya don't ask the right questions, dumb ass. 'sides, life isn't fair.

I mean it, I'm not.
I think I was fairly clear by asking "Who is this guy?" Don't think I didn't notice the jail comment up there. Of course I'm curious, you juvenile delinquent. It's not that I would be surprised by any number of things you probably got up to in the past. I'm just interested, is all.

It's fine, though. Maybe I can get it out of Haku instead.
He's just some guy I knew when I was a kid, alright? Jeese...Pushy. Yer not my girlfriend yanno.

Ha, good luck with that one, mutt.
Who the fuck said anything about girlfriends?

You're so full of shit. But whatever. Go have your own private squee time, it's cool.

[Private to Kiba]

Yer pushy like one.

I'm not, what the hell is up with you? Yer just pissy that I give a damn about someone more than I do about you.

*sigh* Look, yanno my dog tags? They're his, I swiped them. Makes him kinda important, yanno?

Re: [Private to Kiba]

I'm pushy because I'm me.

Geez, I was just messing with you. No need to be so biting. I get the feeling everybody's totally misunderstanding me lately.

Ah. Well I wasn't completely off the mark then, was I. He is important to you.

I'll leave you alone about it.

Re: [Private to Kiba]


....This is so fucked up.

I know.

Kinda cool though.
No, No it's NOT cool. Maybe cool for you.

It's just awkward for me.
Why? Cause you looove him?

Oh just suck it up and take it like a man, you pussy.
Fuck you, bastard.

You don't know anything.
I know enough.

...I do know how to read, guys.

Since yer so great and reading and stuff, I think you, me and the ice princess should go out for drinks or somethin'. Since I know ya haven't seen me since I was a kid. Not too sure 'bout him though, but its still kinda safe to say it's been a while from his reactions.
...It'd be nice to catch up on old times.

What night works for you?
Any really. Better check with ice princess though, here he's real busy, if ya know what I mean.