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ravenloudspeeker corner


So I heard somethin', and I was wondering if it's true.

Is he really here?

[ooc: Still on haitus....just...yeah.  I said Semi after all XD]
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Um...what are you talking about? What he? I haven't heard anything. Is there something that I should know?
Who do you think? What he could possibly involve us two?

So it's just a load of crap then? Damn.
You mean... Ha, no, that can't be true. You almost had me worried for a minute.

Pfft. Him here. He's probably in jail somewhere. Not like I've heard from him.

[Private to Haku]

Ya sure? I swear I saw his name on the schedule.

Yeah, probably.

YOU haven't heard from him? Jeese, maybe he IS in the slammer.
...I thought my ears were buzzing. And what greets me when I decide I could socialize around here maybe a little bit between the night shifts? My two favorite little fish. It's been a while.

And so much faith in me, Haku. You know better than anyone that I don't get caught.
Another he? Why're you always so secretively freaking out about new guys?

So who's this guy you're creaming your pants over?
None of yer business. Not my fault these people keep poppin' back into my life.

I'm not. Fuck off.
The hell, man. Why come I spill my guts to you about shit going on in my life, but you get to keep all these secrets? That's not very fair, yanno.

one, cause I ain't drunk, two, I'm not keepin' secrets, it's just ya don't ask the right questions, dumb ass. 'sides, life isn't fair.

I mean it, I'm not.
I think I was fairly clear by asking "Who is this guy?" Don't think I didn't notice the jail comment up there. Of course I'm curious, you juvenile delinquent. It's not that I would be surprised by any number of things you probably got up to in the past. I'm just interested, is all.

It's fine, though. Maybe I can get it out of Haku instead.

....This is so fucked up.

I know.

Kinda cool though.
No, No it's NOT cool. Maybe cool for you.

It's just awkward for me.
Why? Cause you looove him?

Oh just suck it up and take it like a man, you pussy.
Fuck you, bastard.

You don't know anything.