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In SD again, with Chiba and his stoner girlfriend--Oh and Kiba, can't forget him.  He's out cold next to me, probably gonna be hung over when he wakes up, ha.  Thinkin' of drawing on his face or some shit like that. 

Swiped this from blondie, cause I've got nothin' better to do.

name: Suigetsu Hozuki
are you an illegal immigrant: uh, no?
favorite cotton candy flavor?: Not a big fan, that shit makes me so thirsty and sticks to my mouth.  Ugh.
dumb things you like to do?: talk to people like you
are you a nerd: uh, no?
light or dark?: dark, unless this is about sunlight.

do you think it's possible to drown a rubber duck?: Yeah, you just hold it under long enough that it's insides fill up through the squeak hole.  It's fun.
if you had a set of golf clubs, what color would the handles be?: ew, fucking golf.  Eh, I guess turquoise.
while playing in the sprinkler have you ever tripped over it?: >> shut uppp
have you ever blew your nose so hard the kleenex broke?: Yeah.
sticky tack or tape?: tape.  That tacky shit is so weird
which is better the mall or the mall parking lot?:  They're both pretty ok but inside there's air conditioning and vending machines.
when your gum falls on the floor, do you pick it up and put it back in your mouth or do you leave it there?: back in my mouth.  Couldn't afford to waist it back in the day.
if you were to be killed by a fictional serial killer who would it be?: jaws.  Totally a serial killer, fuck you.

do you wear them?: nah
how about while you are sleeping?: barely ever
speaking of sleeping, what's your favorite kind of soda?: sprite
tall tees or tight tees?: tight or tall, whatever
thongs, normal underwear, or NAKEY?: butt nekkid
if you had to wear a halloween costume for the rest of your life, what would it be?: Aquaman or Namor
would you rather wear an eskimo coat....or an eskimo!?: I'd totally rather wear an eskimo.  Wonder what they look like under their parkas.
do you think toothpicks are a nice fashion accessory?: eh.

virgin/not a virgin/ you really have no idea: Psh, haven't been a virgin since I was.............11?  Yeah.
gay/straight/crooked: Bi
have you ever made a "video"?: duh?
have you ever slept with someone then found out you were related?: haha, no.
inside or outside?: Everythin's good.

favorite weed?: Kelp
favorite land animal?: cats.
favorite water animal?: Piranha
favorite vegetable grown on a plant?: urgh....no thanks.
favorite fictional animal?: sea dragon
do you discriminate flowers by their color?: huh?
if you had to train a plant to do anything, what would you train it to do?: eat people
would you rather have a ferret or a squirrel?: I've already got a squirrel.  His name's Lee
did you know that some people eat animals?!: uh, yeah?  It's called BEEF.
would you rather look at a plant or eat it?: neither.

eaten caviar?: Nah, could never afford it till now anyway.
punched a rhino, if so did it hurt?: um, no?
snorted kool-aid....if so....what flavor?: *snicker*
started your hand on fire?: seen someone do it, it was fucking hysterical.
put your head through a wall?: not on purpose
had a famous person use your bathroom: nope.
have you ever tipped over in a canoe?: nope
have you ever seen your uncle at the mall?: don't got one.
have you ever lied about it?: I don't lie much,
have you ever eaten something edible?: NO SHIT.

Do you know anyone who has never left their home state?: maybe?
Name one person you hate, and why: Orochimaru.  Fucking pedo gives me the creeps. 
Who do you talk to most on the phone?: Karin *shrug*
Who is your enemy?: Got a lot of them
If you had to get married now, who would you want to marry?: your mom
Who do you have a crush on now?: haha, funny.  Crushes are dumb.
Your best friend: Karin Kiba?  Nah...no idea.  Sasuke?  nah...
Who have you met online?: enough people
Who do you NOT want to meet?: your mom
Your first crush: Uh, like you think I remember. 

Would you try to take over the world?: nah, too much work
Would you chug beer?: do it all the time
Would you date someone younger than you?: I don't date.  Fuck?  why not.
Would you kill someone?: yep
Would you date someone you met online?: don't date.  fuck.
Would you flip off the pope?: haha, you bet
Would you pretend to be someone's bf/gf?: If they pay me
Would you sell your soul to the Devil?: sure.

Orange juice or apple juice?: water
What's your favorite store?: Chin's Martial Arts Antiques
Disney or Warner Brothers?: Disney. 
Favorite website?: Youporn
Pink or blue?: blue
Hug or kiss?: kiss
Cars or planes?: cars
Favorite city?: SD

When is your birthday?: March 13th
What do you think about homosexual marriage?: I don't really give a damn.
Are you registered to vote?: nope
What is one thing that annoys you?: you
What do you think of reality TV?: funny as fuck
Name 4 things you always have with you: fake ID, water, keys, swiss army knife
Is there happiness in slavery?: nope.
If you could change one thing about yourself, it would be: I'd be an orphan with a BIG ASS SWIMMING POOL AND AN AQUARIUM OF MY VERY OWN...and that fucking sword. 
Do you use email, IM, LiveJournal, or phone the most?: Phone.  I like bugging people.
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I hope you're not having too much fun over there.
I had a great time.

It'dve been more fun if you were there, princess, then we couldve had a foursome instead of the threesome that happened.

I don't divide my time as loosely as you do, sorry.
Lean to live a little, Princess.
I like my life just fine.
doubt it.
Hn. Trust me, I do okay.
BuuuulllSHIT. ♥
How would you know so much.
because I'm that amazing.

What are you doing Wednesday?
You're welcome.

I think I've got a shoot. Gotta check that out. Why?

Oh? With who?
No idea, gotta check.