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Ni-ya tshirt blue

So hey, got pulled away to SD again. I hate this bullshit with my pop. Basically he's gettin' sick so he's freakin' the fuck out. Like I really give a damn. He can die alone with all his stuff and I wouldn't care.

But yeah, I'm back again. Kiba, we need drinks.

And Princess, we should go do somethin. Your choice, I don't care.

And Zabuza and Haku we need ta do somethin' too. I mean for real. If we don't the world might implode or somethin'.

So HEY what'd I miss? Anything big happen? Anyone die? Anyone get fired? Anyone get so horribly embarrassed that I'd die laughin'?

EDIT: What the hell happened to everyone while I was gone?  Why is everyone such a whiney pussy now?  God damn, I wish I was back in SD again...

Hey, word of advice. 



People are pussy? O_O

(PS I can't see Zetsu's entry on this account. Friend it damn it :P)
Yeah. Big ol' pussies.
We always need drinks.

You missed a lot. None of it I really feel like bringing up right now. Just got over it.

Let's just go get drunk and pick up chicks.

Yer tellin' me everything when you're piss drunk, you got that dog breath?
Fine, just don't remind me what I said tomorrow.
Gotcha, remind you what you said tomorrow.

[ooc:...I cant stop staring at that sexy icon]

((OOC: I like this one the best. xd))

[ooc:Its so cuuute you have the best icons]
My choice?

Quentin Tarrantino movie festival at the Bronx. Day three. Curdled and Jackie Brown.

as in Bronx NYC?

You better be payin' for my flight.
No, no. It's an art haus movie theatre.
Oh...sure, whatever. Lets go. When?
I'm free on Friday night after eight. Game?
yeah, sure.
Dress decently. This is an upper-class sort of place.
Ugh, again?

jeese, this is two dressy places in a week. I hate wearing those fucking pants.
Don't worry, this isn't a date.

Just be cleaned up, and wear a shirt, pair of pants, and shoes.

Dude, I'm always clean. 3 showers a day, remember?
I know. But you know what I mean by that.
Yeah Yeah don't worry.
Good boy.
bite me, princess

*is totally sui*