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blue text

So, what, its kiss-the-Hyuuga's-ass day?  HAH, I doubt my birthday'll get such a big deal.

Probably get like........................beer from Kiba and random shit from Princess Sasuke. 

Yanno, its kinda annoying comin' to check yer friends list and seein' a whole bunch of ass kissing. 

So yeah, the date with Haku?

Went pretty good.  Surprising, yeah, but whatever. 

Still think he's a fucking woman (which I was SO NOT ABLE TA SAY ALL NIGHT fucker).


Sounds like you're jealous. Don't worry I'll get you something when your birthday comes. So suck that shit up.

And you did say it once, ass. And I'll tell you this...

Call me a woman as much as you want. My dick is still bigger than yours.
I'm not frickin' jealous. I've got no reason ta be jealous.

Psh, in yer dreams, lady. You've been hangin' around Sai too much.
Good. Then stop bitchin' about it.

Sai has no influence over the things that I do or say.

Far from dreaming. It's a fact. Deny it all you want.
Not a good way to get attention.
I'm not lookin' for attention.
Much as it annoys me that an effeminate little priss like Neji clogs up my friends list, it's best to keep some things to yourself.
Do I ever? Really?
I'll make sure your birthday is a big deal.
....its ok, really.
Oh, but I insist.
Why the hell would I get you beer for your birthday when I can just grab a case of Bud and head over to your place right the fuck now instead?

When's your birthday, again? I forgot.
Do it. I'll rent Die Hard right now.

Die Hard and beer, right now. Get yer ass over here.

It was like, 4 months ago! Man how drunk were ya? March 13th.
Oh, fuck. You can bet your ass I'm coming over.

Haha, you even have to ask? Don't you remember what happened? You better, you're the one who told me since I blacked out the last half of the night.
I can't remember shit from then. That's 4 months ago, man.

See ya in a few.
I would give you a gift, Suigetsu...

It is not any of that- if it is somebody's birthday, friends try to make them feel special. It is like saying that you are grateful they were born.