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I HATE people.

End of transmission.

I'm back, bitches. 

Princess, come over and watch a movie with me or somethin'?  I need ta relax. 


The fuck happened to you?
Long story short my old man's claimin' any cash I get workin' here he's entitled to half or something.

It's bullshit, I ain't a minor anymore.
That's illegal anyway.
Ya think?

We need ya do somethin'.
I need a distraction, so I'm game. I'll pay.
Come over. We can order pizza and watch somethin'
Alright. Give me a few hours, but I'll come over.
Whatcha wanna watch?

Or you could just pick somethin' up from blockbuster on the way.
How do you feel about watching lots of Reanimator?
It's this real fucked up zombie movie. Or in other words, a timeless classic you need to see with me.
Heh, Zombies. Cool.
... You don't want to see them.
Sure do. Zombies are kickass.
We'll see.

Be there in an hour.