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Life in a Fish Bowl

--you'll always be wet in here--


Brash and blunt, Suigetsu can easily be mistaken for a bad person. He always states his honest opinion, especially if its not the nicest thing to say. He can be quite an ass, but its something his friends and co-workers get used to over time. If anyone tries to tell him what to do, there's a high chance he'll do the opposite just to piss them off. He had very little regard for others opinions, yet he really does care about those close to him. He may not show it, but if they are close, they know. It may seem like he's a bad friend to outsiders, but as far as he'd concerned, its not really their business.

When he was small, Suigetsu lived with both his mother and his father in a well to do area. His father had married into money, and when his mom up and left without any warning when Suigetsu was 4, she took all of her money, leaving them with nothing. His father, now bitter from the loss of virtually everything, moved them to the projects. Suigetsu hates his father's bitter, stuck up demeanor, and pretends that he doesn't give a damn about his mother even though pregnant woman rub him the wrong way. He hasn't spoken to his father since he got his job as a porn star, since he can now afford to live entirely on his own. The only contact he has kept is mailing porn videos to him, all with his dear son as a main participant. He spends most of his time lazying around and complaining, but he really does love his job.

· 20 years old
· Born and raised in San Diego, California
· Porn Star/Ex-Carnival Worker/Nudist
· Portrayed by Ni~Ya [Yuji Baba] of Nightmare
· Careful, he bites
· nixcore

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